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Hey there, I’m Dani Boi.
I’m a Drag King, working and living in Naarm/Melbourne.


I never thought I’d grow up to be a drag king. When I thought of drag, I thought of gay men in dresses, mocking women and making transphobic jokes. But when I moved to San Francisco and explored my queerness and the rich history and diversity within drag, I soon found myself in the spotlight.



"Naarm/Melbourne has so many vibrant queer communities, with spaces where people of all genders mix together, performers are experimental and push boundaries."

- Dani Boi


I dream of a world in which people understand that there’s so many ways to express gender, and that drag is an expansive art to explore, activate and celebrate our diversity as humans.


Much love,

Dani Boi

Dani Boi, a short documentary for the ABC, tied to the 40th Mardi Gras in Australia, and part of the 2018 Frameline Film Festival in San Francisco


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